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A Reliable and Efficient Way to Store Passwords

Any computer user sooner or later faces the problem of storing passwords. Indeed, today we frequently have to keep various types of passwords to protect private information. You may remember your password to turn on PC, but what should one do with e-mail or e-wallet access, tenths of registrations at Internet websites and personal accounts to numerous services online? Without a doubt, it's impossible to remember them all, so you need a kind of password organizer.

Some people use the same password for everything. That is not a good idea as in case someone will find it out, the intruder will automatically get access to all your personal data. The same problem is with using your name, names of your children or pets and birth date as passwords. According to data provided by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse more than 57% of all computer breaches would never happen in case their owners used more complicated passwords.

There are several ways to store passwords. Many prefer the simplest one - writing passwords on sheets of papers or on sticky notes and keep them handy. This is the least safe way to store passwords as anyone sees them and you are very likely to lose these papers.

If you don't want to turn your computer into mess, you may prefer to keep all passwords in it. Seems, it's just a piece of cake you create a text file or spreadsheet and add all passwords there. The idea is really not bad, but you shouldn't also forget to set up and store password to this document. No need to say it's going to take time to find needed password.

Internet security is a popular area that develops quickly, so you can find various password organizers on the market. These are programs that are usually incorporated into your browser in order to provide fast password access. When you visit the website where you already have an account, program automatically identifies it and offers to fill in password bar. Password organizer is very convenient in use, but prior to choosing one pay your attention to the following aspects. Your program should encrypt all passwords you enter into it. If it does not, your privacy won't be well protected. Another important option concerns back up features as you need to be able to create back ups, so your passwords won't be lost in case of operating system break.

Store password issue is an important aspect of security that concerns each PC user, where thoughtful approach can save you from many negative consequences.

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